The License List

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This list is distributed in the hope that it will be useful….It may become outdated, or not comport with your risk tolerance.


Licenses that should be avoided are marked STOP
Network CopyleftHas requirements in the absence of distribution.
Not open sourceDoes not meet the open source definition; contains license restrictions that must be reviewed ad hoc for each use case
Non-standard copyleftStrong copyleft that is not GPL. These licenses have insufficient industry practice to inform reliable interpretation on their scope
Low risk licenses are marked GOAll permissive licesnes are in this category, even if the contain advertising requirements or requirements to mark or re-name modifications
Categorization as GO, CAUTION, STOPThis is a judgment call
SelectionThe list contains most of the licenses on SPDX (excluding some I have never seen in the wild) and most of the licenses on the SNYK list (excluding some non-open source licenses that I have never seen in the wild). I welcome corrections.


AALStopRequires GPG-signed license noticeAttribution Assurance License
AbstylesStopNon-standard copyleftAbstyles License
Adobe-2006GoAdobe Systems Incorporated Source Code License Agreement
Adobe-GlyphGoAdobe Glyph List License
ADSLGoAmazon Digital Services License
AFL-1.1GoAcademic Free License v1.1
AFL-1.2GoAcademic Free License v1.2
AFL-2.0GoAcademic Free License v2.0
AFL-2.1GoAcademic Free License v2.1
AFL-3.0CautionRequires notices for SaaS useAcademic Free License v3.0
AfmparseGoAfmparse License
AG-GridStopNot open sourceAdaCore Doc License
AGPL-1.0StopNetwork copyleftAffero General Public License v1.0 only
AGPL-3.0StopNetwork copyleftGNU Affero General Public License v3.0 or later
AGPL-3.0-onlyStopnetwork copyleftGNU Affero General Public License v3.0 only
AladdinStopNon-standard copyleft, commercial restrictionsAladdin Free Public License
AMDPLPAGoAMD’s plpa_map.c License
AMLGoApple MIT License
AMPASGoAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences BSD
ANTLR-PDGoANTLR Software Rights Notice
ANTLR-PD-fallbackGoANTLR Software Rights Notice with license fallback
Apache-1.0GoApache License 1.0
Apache-1.1GoApache License 1.1
Apache-2.0GoApache License 2.0
APAFMLGoAdobe Postscript AFM License
APL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftAdaptive Public License 1.0
APSL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftApple Public Source License 1.0
APSL-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftApple Public Source License 1.1
APSL-1.2StopNon-standard copyleftApple Public Source License 1.2
APSL-2.0StopNon-standard copyleftApple Public Source License 2.0
Artistic-1.0GoArtistic License 1.0
Artistic-1.0-cl8GoArtistic License 1.0 w/clause 8
Artistic-1.0-PerlGoArtistic License 1.0 (Perl)
Artistic-2.0GoArtistic License 2.0
BahyphGoBahyph License
BarrGoBarr License
BeerwareGoBeerware License
BitTorrent-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftBitTorrent Open Source License v1.0
BitTorrent-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftBitTorrent Open Source License v1.1
BlueOak-1.0.0GoBlue Oak Model License 1.0.0
BSL-1.0GoBoost Software License 1.0
BorceuxGoBorceux license
Bpmn.ioCautionNot open source, contains a license restriction
BSD-1-ClauseGoBSD 1-Clause License
BSD-2-ClauseGoBSD 2-Clause “Simplified” License
BSD-2-Clause-PatentGoBSD-2-Clause Plus Patent License
BSD-3-ClauseGoBSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License
BSD-3-Clause-AttributionGoBSD with attribution
BSD-3-Clause-ClearGoBSD 3-Clause Clear License
BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-LicenseGoBSD 3-Clause No Nuclear License
BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-License-2014GoBSD 3-Clause No Nuclear License 2014
BSD-3-Clause-No-Nuclear-WarrantyGoBSD 3-Clause No Nuclear Warranty
BSD-4-ClauseGoBSD 4-Clause “Original” or “Old” License
BSD-4-Clause-UCGoBSD-4-Clause (University of California-Specific)
BSD-ProtectionGoBSD Protection License
BSD-Source-CodeGoBSD Source Code Attribution
BUSL-1.1StopBusiness Source License 1.1
bzip2-1.0.6Gobzip2 and libbzip2 License v1.0.6
CAL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftCryptographic Autonomy License 1.0
CalderaGoCaldera License
CATOSL-1.1StopCan’t find this licenseComputer Associates Trusted Open Source License 1.1
CC-BY-1.0GoCreative Commons Attribution 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-2.0GoCreative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-2.5GoCreative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-3.0GoCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-4.0GoCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
CC-BY-NC-1.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-2.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-2.5StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-NC-3.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-NC-4.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 International
CC-BY-NC-ND-1.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-ND-2.5StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International
CC-BY-NC-SA-1.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-NC-SA-2.5StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0StopNot open source — non-commercial use onlyCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International
CC-BY-ND-1.0StopNot open source, no derivativesCreative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-ND-2.0StopNot open source, no derivativesCreative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-ND-2.5StopNot open source, no derivativesCreative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-ND-3.0StopNot open source, no derivativesCreative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-ND-4.0StopNot open source, no derivativesCreative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 4.0 International
CC-BY-SA-1.0StopCopyleft, non-softwareCreative Commons Attribution Share Alike 1.0 Generic
CC-BY-SA-2.0StopCopyleft, non-softwareCreative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic
CC-BY-SA-2.5StopCopyleft, non-softwareCreative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Generic
CC-BY-SA-3.0StopCopyleft, non-softwareCreative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported
CC-BY-SA-4.0StopCopyleft, non-softwareCreative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International
CC0-1.0GoCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
CDDL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftCommon Development and Distribution License 1.0
CDDL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftCommon Development and Distribution License 1.1
CDLA-Permissive-2.0GoCommunity Data License Agreement Permissive 2.0
CDLA-Sharing-1.0StopCopyleft data licenseCommunity Data License Agreement Sharing 1.0
CECILL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftCeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.0
CECILL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftCeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.1
CECILL-2.0CautionWeak copyleftCeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.0
CECILL-2.1CautionWeak copyleftCeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.1
CECILL-BCautionWeak copyleftCeCILL-B Free Software License Agreement
CECILL-CCautionWeak copyleftCeCILL-C Free Software License Agreement
CERN-OHL-1.1StopHardware licenseCERN Open Hardware Licence v1.1
CERN-OHL-1.2StopHardware licenseCERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2
CERN-OHL-P-2.0StopHardware licenseCERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 – Permissive
CERN-OHL-S-2.0StopHardware licenseCERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 – Strongly Reciprocal
CERN-OHL-W-2.0StopHardware licenseCERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 – Weakly Reciprocal
Chilkat-SoftwareStopNot open source
ClArtisticStopNonstandard copyleftClarified Artistic License
CNRI-JythonGoCNRI Jython License
CNRI-PythonGoCNRI Python License
CNRI-Python-GPL-CompatibleGoCNRI Python Open Source GPL Compatible License Agreement
Condor-1.1GoCondor Public License v1.1
ConvivaStopNot open source
CPAL-1.0StopCommon Public Attribution License 1.0
CPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftCommon Public License 1.0
CPOL-1.02StopProhibits technical measures to limit use of the workCode Project Open License 1.02
CrosswordGoCrossword License
CrystalStackerGoCrystalStacker License
CUA-OPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftCUA Office Public License v1.0
CubeGoCube License
curlGocurl License
D-FSL-1.0Stopnon-standard copyleftDeutsche Freie Software Lizenz
DBADStopvague, wierd terms
diffmarkGodiffmark license
DOCGoDOC License
DotseqnGoDotseqn License
dvipdfmGodvipdfm License
ECL-1.0GoEducational Community License v1.0
ECL-2.0GoEducational Community License v2.0
EFL-1.0GoEiffel Forum License v1.0
EFL-2.0GoEiffel Forum License v2.0 Public License 1.1.0
Elastic-2.0StopSource available, SaaS restrictionElastic License 2.0
EntessaGoEntessa Public License v1.0
EPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftEclipse Public License 1.0
EPL-2.0CautionEclipse Public License 2.0
ErlPL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftErlang Public License v1.1
EUDatagridStopFree grant to licensor for modificationsEU DataGrid Software License
EUPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftEuropean Union Public License 1.0
EUPL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftEuropean Union Public License 1.1
EUPL-1.2CautionWeak copyleftEuropean Union Public License 1.2
EurosymStopNon-standard copyleftEurosym License
FairGoFair License
Frameworx-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftFrameworx Open License 1.0
FDK-AACStopPatent issuesFraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library
FreeBSD-DOCGoFreeBSD Documentation License
FreeImageCautionWeak copyleftFreeImage Public License v1.0
FSFAPGoFSF All Permissive License
FSFULGoFSF Unlimited License
FSFULLRGoFSF Unlimited License (with License Retention)
FTLGoFreetype Project License
GFDL-1.1StopCopyleft, not a software licenseGNU Free Documentation License v1.1 only
GFDL-1.2StopCopyleft, not a software licenseGNU Free Documentation License v1.2 only
GiftwareGoGiftware License
GL2PSStopNon-standard copyleftGL2PS License
GlulxeStopNot open source, no modifications allowedGlulxe License
gnuplotStopNot open sourcegnuplot License
GPL-1.0CautionCopyleftGNU General Public License v1.0 only
GPL-2.0CautionCopyleftGNU General Public License v2.0 only
GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exceptionCautionWeak copyleft
GPL-2.0-with-GCC-exceptionCautionWeak copyleft
gSOAP-1.3bCautionWeak copyleftgSOAP Public License v1.3b
H2-Database-1.0CautionWeak copyleft, MPL2 adn EPL1
HaskellReportGoHaskell Language Report License
Hippocratic-2.1StopEthical LicenseHippocratic License 2.1
HPNDGoHistorical Permission Notice and Disclaimer
IBM-pibsGoIBM PowerPC Initialization and Boot Software
ICUGoICU License
IJGGoIndependent JPEG Group License
Image-Components-SDKStopcan’t find this license
ImageMagickGoImageMagick License
iMatixStopNon-standard copyleftiMatix Standard Function Library Agreement
Imlib2GoImlib2 License
Info-ZIPGoInfo-ZIP License
IntelGoIntel Open Source License
Intel-ACPIGoIntel ACPI Software License Agreement
Interbase-1.0CautionWeak copyleftInterbase Public License v1.0
IPACautionWeak copyleftIPA Font License
IPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftIBM Public License v1.0
ISCGoISC License
JasPer-2.0GoJasPer License
JTAStopNot open source
LAL-1.2StopNon-standard copyleftLicence Art Libre 1.2
LAL-1.3StopNon-standard copyleftLicence Art Libre 1.3
Latex2eStopNon-standard copyleftLatex2e License
LeptonicaGoLeptonica License
LGPL-2.0CautionWeak copyleft, legacy code
LGPL-2.1CautionWeak copyleft
LGPL-3.0CautionWeak copyleft
LGPLLRCautionWeak copyleftLesser General Public License For Linguistic Resources
LibpngGolibpng License
libtiffGolibtiff License
LiLiQ-P-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftLicence Libre du Québec – Permissive version 1.1
LiLiQ-R-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftLicence Libre du Québec – Réciprocité version 1.1
LiLiQ-Rplus-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftLicence Libre du Québec – Réciprocité forte version 1.1
LPL-1.0GoLucent Public License Version 1.0
LPL-1.02GoLucent Public License v1.02
LPPL-1.0GoLaTeX Project Public License v1.0
LPPL-1.1GoLaTeX Project Public License v1.1
LPPL-1.2GoLaTeX Project Public License v1.2
LPPL-1.3aGoLaTeX Project Public License v1.3a
LPPL-1.3cGoLaTeX Project Public License v1.3c
MakeIndexStopNon-standard copyleftMakeIndex License
Microsoft-.NET-LibraryStopNot open source
Microsoft-.NET-Library-AspNetComponent-EULAStopNot open source
Microsoft-ASP.NET-Model-View-Controller-4-EULAStopNot open source
Microsoft-AspNet-MVC3-Update-EULAStopNot open source
Microsoft-EULAStopNot open source
Microsoft-Lightswitch-Client-Javascript-RuntimeStopNot open source
Microsoft-Visual-Studio-Sharepoint-EmulatorsStopNot open source
MITGoMIT License
MIT-0MIT No Attribution
MITNFAGoMIT +no-false-attribs license
MotosotoStopNon-standard copyleftMotosoto License
mpich2Gompich2 License
MPL-1.0CautionMozilla Public License 1.0
MPL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftMozilla Public License 1.1
MPL-2.0CautionWeak copyleftMozilla Public License 2.0
MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exceptionCautionMozilla Public License 2.0 (no copyleft exception)
MS-PLGoMicrosoft Public License
MS-RLCautionWeak copyleftMicrosoft Reciprocal License
MTLLGoMatrix Template Library License
MulanPSL-1.0GoMulan Permissive Software License, Version 1
MulanPSL-2.0GoMulan Permissive Software License, Version 2
MulticsGoMultics License
MupGoMup License
NASA-1.3GoNASA Open Source Agreement 1.3
NaumenGoNaumen Public License
NBPL-1.0GoNet Boolean Public License v1
NCSAGoUniversity of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License
Net-SNMPGoNet-SNMP License
NetCDFGoNetCDF license
NewsletrGoNewsletr License
NICTA-1.0GoNICTA Public Software License, Version 1.0
NIST-PDGoNIST Public Domain Notice
NIST-PD-fallbackGoNIST Public Domain Notice with license fallback
NGPLStopNon-standard copyleftNethack General Public License
NLOD-1.0GoNorwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD) 1.0
NLOD-2.0GoNorwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD) 2.0
NLPLGoNo Limit Public License
No-LicenseStopNo license = no rights
NokiaCautionWeak copyleftNokia Open Source License
NorthwoodsSoftware-EULAStopNot open source
NOSLCautionWeak copyleftNetizen Open Source License
NowebStopNon-standard copyleftNoweb License
NPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftNetscape Public License v1.0
NPL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftNetscape Public License v1.1
NPOSL-3.0StopNon-standard copyleftNon-Profit Open Software License 3.0
NRLGoNRL License
NTPGoNTP License
NTP-0GoNTP No Attribution
OCCT-PLStopNon-standard copyleftOpen CASCADE Technology Public License
OCLC-2.0StopNon-standard copyleftOCLC Research Public License 2.0
ODbL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Data Commons Open Database License v1.0
ODC-By-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Data Commons Attribution License v1.0
OFL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftSIL Open Font License 1.0
OFL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftSIL Open Font License 1.1
OGTSLGoOpen Group Test Suite License
OLDAP-1.1GoOpen LDAP Public License v1.1
OLDAP-1.2GoOpen LDAP Public License v1.2
OLDAP-1.3GoOpen LDAP Public License v1.3
OLDAP-1.4GoOpen LDAP Public License v1.4
OLDAP-2.0GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.0 (or possibly 2.0A and 2.0B)
OLDAP-2.0.1GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.0.1
OLDAP-2.1GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.1
OLDAP-2.2GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.2
OLDAP-2.2.1GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.2.1
OLDAP-2.3GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.3
OLDAP-2.4GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.4
OLDAP-2.5GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.5
OLDAP-2.6GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.6
OLDAP-2.7GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.7
OLDAP-2.8GoOpen LDAP Public License v2.8
OMLGoOpen Market License
OpenSSLGoOpenSSL License
OPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftOpen Public License v1.0
Oracle-Technology-NetworkStopNot open source
OSET-PL-2.1CautionWeak copyleftOSET Public License version 2.1
OSL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Software License 1.0
OSL-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Software License 1.1
OSL-2.0StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Software License 2.0
OSL-2.1StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Software License 2.1
OSL-3.0StopNon-standard copyleftOpen Software License 3.0
Parity-6.0.0StopNon-standard copyleftThe Parity Public License 6.0.0
Parity-7.0.0StopNon-standard copyleftThe Parity Public License 7.0.0
PDDL-1.0GoOpen Data Commons Public Domain Dedication & License 1.0
PHP-3.0GoPHP License v3.0
PHP-3.01GoPHP License v3.01
PlexusGoPlexus Classworlds License
PostgreSQLGoPostgreSQL License
psfragGopsfrag License
psutilsGopsutils License
Python-2.0GoPython License 2.0
QhullGoQhull License
QPL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftQ Public License 1.0
RdiscGoRdisc License
Resizer-FreedomStopNot open source, contains competition restriction
RHeCos-1.1CautionWeak copyleftRed Hat eCos Public License v1.1
RPL-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftReciprocal Public License 1.1
RPL-1.5StopNon-standard copyleftReciprocal Public License 1.5
RPSL-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftRealNetworks Public Source License v1.0
RSA-MDGoRSA Message-Digest License
RSCPLCautionWeak copyleftRicoh Source Code Public License
RubyGoRuby License
SAX-PDGoSax Public Domain Notice
SaxpathGoSaxpath License
SCEAGoSCEA Shared Source License
SendmailStopNon-standard copyleftSendmail License
SGI-B-1.0GoServer Side Public License, v 1
SGI-B-1.1GoSGI Free Software License B v1.0
SGI-B-2.0GoSGI Free Software License B v1.1
SimPL-2.0CautionCopyleftSimple Public License 2.0
SISSLStopNon-standard copyleftSun Industry Standards Source License v1.1
SISSL-1.2StopNon-standard copyleftSun Industry Standards Source License v1.2
SleepycatStopNon-standard copyleftSleepycat License
SMLNJGoStandard ML of New Jersey License
SMPPLGoSecure Messaging Protocol Public License
SNIACautionWeak copyleftSNIA Public License 1.1
Spencer-86GoSpencer License 86
Spencer-94GoSpencer License 94
Spencer-99GoSpencer License 99
SPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftSun Public License v1.0
SQLITE BlessingGoSQLite Blessing
SSH-OpenSSHGoSSH OpenSSH license
SugarCRM-1.1.3StopSugarCRM Public License v1.1.3
SWLGoScheme Widget Library (SWL) Software License Agreement
TAPRStopNot a software licenseTAPR Open Hardware License v1.0
TCP-wrappersGoTCP Wrappers License
TMateStopNon-standard copyleftTMate Open Source License
TORQUE-1.1StopNon-standard copyleftTORQUE v2.5+ Software License v1.1
TOSLStopNon-standard copyleftTrusster Open Source License
Unicode-DFS-2015GoUnicode License Agreement – Data Files and Software (2015)
Unicode-DFS-2016GoUnicode License Agreement – Data Files and Software (2016)
Unicode-TOUStopNot open sourceUnicode Terms of Use
UnknownStopNo license = no rights
UnlicenseGoThe Unlicense
Unspecified-CommercialStopNot open source
UPL-1.0GoUniversal Permissive License v1.0
VimGoVim License
VOSTROMStopNon-standard copyleftVOSTROM Public License for Open Source
VSL-1.0GoVovida Software License v1.0
W3CGoW3C Software Notice and License (2002-12-31)
W3C-19980720GoW3C Software Notice and License (1998-07-20)
W3C-20150513GoW3C Software Notice and Document License (2015-05-13)
Watcom-1.0StopNon-standard copyleftSybase Open Watcom Public License 1.0
WsuipaGoWsuipa License
WTFPLGoDo What The F*ck You Want To Public License
X11GoX11 License
XeroxGoXerox License
XFree86-1.1GoXFree86 License 1.1
XnetGoxinetd License
xppGoXPP License
XSkatGoXSkat License
YPL-1.0CautionWeak copyleftYahoo! Public License v1.0
YPL-1.1CautionWeak copyleftYahoo! Public License v1.1
ZedGoZed License
Zend-2.0GoZend License v2.0
Zimbra-1.3CautionWeak copyleftZimbra Public License v1.3
Zimbra-1.4CautionWeak copyleftZimbra Public License v1.4
ZlibGozlib License
zlib-acknowledgementGozlib/libpng License with Acknowledgement
ZPL-1.1GoZope Public License 1.1
ZPL-2.0GoZope Public License 2.0
ZPL-2.1GoZope Public License 2.1
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