Google releases open source programming language

Google launched GO, a programming language it describes as fast, safe, expressive, concurrent, and garbage-collected.   

GO is general purpose programming language alternative to languages like C, intended to address C’s lack of “garbage collection” — which means eliminating unnecessary memory usage during the running of programs.  “Safe” means fewer cases of memory errors.  In contrast, a language like C allows very direct access to computer memory, but if you make a mistake in doing this, you get very bad programmatic results (like crashing).  “Concurrent” means the ability to run many procedures at a time, which in turn causes memory management problems in languages like C.  “Expressive” means, generally, the ability to accomplish tasks with less code.  C, in contrast, while very powerful, tends to be more long and formulaic than “high level” languages like PERL.

The GO compiler is open source — released under a BSD-style license.



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