DejaCode — Everything you wanted to know about open source licenses

The fine folks at nexB have put together a treasure trove of information about open source licenses, which they call DejaCode Enterprise License Library.  You can easily search for a license and quickly see its obligations and restrictions, as well as other interesting license characteristics.  So if you ever wondered “Is this a copyleft license?” wonder no more — you can look it up in the DejaCode library.

DejaCode Enterprise is nexB’s product suite for managing a software component supply chain. The first available product, the License Library, is an online repository of software licenses (open source and proprietary) with profile information for each license. The online read-only version is available for a free trial  Companies who get the enterprise version can use the License Library to manage software license information and educate their users about company software license policies. 

The library includes not only open source licenses but also many common freeware licenses.  It’s a useful tool to get a reality check on the licenses you don’t see every day.


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