German Lawsuit Results in Settlement for Breach of LGPL

adhoc dataservice GmbH has settled with Buhl Data Service GmbH, the developer of the WISO Mein Büro (My Office) enterprise application software.  Buhl agreed to pay €15,000 for violating the LGPL terms under which adhoc provides its FreeadhocUDF open source library (which includes various functions for UDF).   The settlement disposes of a court case that resulted in a January 2011 opinion from a lower court in Bochum, Germany, that the use of the FreeadhocUDF library in WISO Mein Büro 2009 violated the LGPL’s licensing terms. 

[I have had trouble verifying this item, and much of the original material is in German.  If I find more, I will update here.]

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