OSET and AWS Partner to Support Open Source Elections Software

Open Source Election Technology (OSET) Foundation announced a collaboration with with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to promote the use of open source election software and OSET’s TrustTheVote project. OSET’s TrustTheVote Project includes software for voter registration services, ballot generation, and election results reporting. “The OSET Foundation is taking advantage of the cloud’s ability to help lower costs, while increasing innovation in voter registration services, creating ballots, and reporting election results.”  Gregory Miller, Chief Development Officer for the OSET Foundation explained, “There are several aspects of managing elections that can be innovated. There is enormous opportunity to innovate the many aspects of managing election processes.” AWS providing OSET with cloud computing credits, and making elections administration software available on AWS Marketplace. “Now on the AWS GovCloud (US), the TrustTheVote Project technology can be developed, demonstrated, and proven for any State or county looking to rapidly deploy election administration services, while gaining the agility, cost savings, compliance, and scalability offered by the AWS Cloud,” said John Sebes, Chief Technology Officer for the OSET Foundation.

Congratulations to OSET for this great news.  

Author: heatherjmeeker

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