Polyform Project Publishes its First License Draft

I am thrilled to announce the first publication of the Polyform Project.
Our first license document was released for community comment this week. Please visit our new web site for details.

The web site will allow you to review the first draft and make suggestions on how to improve our license.

Polyform is a project to draft and make freely available plain-language source code licenses with limited rights. Polyform licenses will come in a few useful “flavors” that adopters can pick to suit their needs. There will be options like non-commercial, testing only, and others.

Until now, there has been no standardization of this kind of source code license, even though it has become increasingly common. This has resulted in confusing and overlapping licenses, which need to be analyzed one at a time. The objective of the Polyform Project is standardization and reduction of costs for developers and users.

Author: heatherjmeeker

Technology licensing lawyer, drummer

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