PolyForm Project Launches Licenses Limiting Competitive Uses of Software

PolyForm Project has launched the last of its first tranche of licenses: Perimeter and Defensive. Each of these licenses are used to make source code available, but place certain limitations on its use.

The Perimeter license prohibits use of the software in a manner competitive with the software. The Defensive license prohibits use in a manner competitive with the products and services of the company licensing the software.

This adds to the PloyForm suite of source-available licenses released last year. Below is a handy chart to show the differences among them.

StrictYes  Non-Commercial
NoncommercialYesYesYesNon-CommercialUse to enable R&D and Non-Profit Use
Free-TrialYesYes TrialUse to enable a limited evaluation
Internal UseYesYes InternalEnd user license with source code
Small-BusinessYesYesYesSMBUse to enable commercial use by small organizations
PerimeterYesYesYesNo Competition with SoftwareUse to limit competition with the licensed software
DefensiveYesYesYesNo Competition with LicensorUse to limit competition with all your related products

More information about the PolyForm Project is here.

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