Sentry Launches Functional Source License – a new twist on delayed open source release

Congratulations to the Sentry team for this live release yesterday!

The Functional Source License (FSL) makes opinionated decisions about the variables in BSL, so that it is easier to reason about for both potential producers and consumers of FSL software. FSL is tuned for SaaS companies

From the blog for the Functional Source License release:

The FSL:

  • Grants a source-available license from day one for non-competing uses.
  • Grants a license under Apache 2.0 or MIT after two years.

This differs from BSL in that the change license is set to a common permissive license (for BSL, it is a choice of a GPL compatible license), the change date is set at two years (for BSL, it is 4 years or less), and contains a detailed license limitation targeted toward SaaS businesses (for BSL, the restriction is against production use, resulting in many Additional Use Grant variations).

The blog outlines the journey of Sentry in preparing and adopting this license.

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